If you’re a Gainesville business looking for SEO services to boost your business rankings on Google with reputable, white hat SEO then you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a variety of SEO services and all services come with reporting and monitoring of up to 100 keywords. Plans start at $1,000 per month and up depending on your budget and goals.

SEO Services

Houchens Consulting SEO Services

Below is a list of SEO services we focus on that are the key for any successful SEO campaign. They come together as a full package because doing one without the other doesn’t make sense. These services are part of our proven formula to drive those rankings up for our clients.

On-page SEO

This is also referred to as on-page SEO. It is the process of analyzing and modifying content directly on your own website that can result to ranking better on search engines. This includes things like url slugs, title tags, headers, coding, server speed, internal links and more.

Things like server speed and the coding of the website are a bit more technical and can sometimes be out of your control to tweak easily. Content of the page is something you can more easily directly control and one of our core SEO services we offer.

In addition, setting your pages up properly and linking internally where it makes sense are great signals to prop up your pages. If you read articles in our SEO blog, you’ll see that throughout our articles.

On-page SEO Blogs

Guest Blogging

When you launched your business, the last thing you thought about to be successful was frequent and informative blogs on your site. Unfortunately, it’s a must to show you’re an authority on a subject to Google. It’s easy to see why it’s a key SEO tactic that will build your brand as an authoritative voice.

However, depth of topic is key. You can’t write one blog about a topic and expect it to boost you to #1 in Google over night. For some lower competiton terms, you will have some success but if you’re in a competitive industry, having frequent fresh content and blogs on your site is something you’ll need to make sure you focus on if you want to be on the front page of Google.

But you’re in luck! This service is something included when you have us handle your SEO efforts.

Link Building (Off-page SEO)

Better phrase for this is link earning. If you write stellar content, you’ll get links. Writing good and useful information is a great way to earn links to your content over time.

Another term for link building is off-page SEO and it builds authority when other sites link to you. The more domains and pages that link to your content signals to Google you’re an authority on that subject.

Above all, our vast network of sites allows us to build these links to boost authority to your domain. This particular SEO service combined with on-page SEO and frequent blogs leads to great results for your business.

Off-page SEO Blogs

Next Steps

In conclusion, there’s no one step that will win you that top spot on Google. You must employ all of these in unison to have the best success for your SEO campaign. Get started below by getting an immediate SEO audit for free!

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