Gainesville Photography by HillyLily

I reached out to good friend Hillary Turlington who owns HillyLily Photography. She is a great photographer and does maternity sessions, family portraits and holiday photos. Make sure to check her out if you’re in the market!

I noticed some quick easy fixes we could do that would take her less than 5 minutes and make huge impacts on her site. What we did was solely on-page SEO for her site and took just a few minutes. There was no link building or in-depth content work up done here. Purely some quick updates that took less than a few minutes to implement.

Ranking for Gainesville Photography

Our focus was on the keyword Gainesville photography based on a quick search of volume for the area. There’s a lot to be desired in terms of SEO for photographer’s websites out there. While HillyLily could certainly benefit from building up backlinks and domain authority, we didn’t do any of this.

We simply made some quick updates on the homepage to let Google know her website is about Gainesville photography.

The changes we made were a big success. She went from not being ranked in the top 50 for the search term to #14 in less than two weeks with changes that took less than five minutes. I expect her to make the front page for the term within a couple more weeks as she continues to produce her blog content (and the link she’s getting in this case study).

These types of updates are often easy to get to the front page. It takes continued effort to push up to the coveted 1 – 3 spot in Google.

Update: We are now on the front page of Google in less than one month for the keyword Gainesville photography.