Botox in Gainesville

In the medical and health industry, keywords can be tough to rank for. Botox Gainesville FL is no exception here. It’s hard to get approved for PPC ads for the keywords and even when you do it’s expensive so ranking organically for these results was a big deal for Pure Aesthetics.

How did we move up the rankings for Botox in Gainesville?

Botox Gainesville FL

We started by establishing ourselves as an authority on the subject. We wrote in-depth blogs surrounding the subject that then got linked in other articles also talking about Botox which signaled to Google that the domain was a potential authority on the subject overall.

Pairing that with our local SEO efforts of boosting credibility as a Gainesville business, the rankings took over from there. Working on high value keywords may not be as easy but the rewards are great if you’re willing to put in the effort.

We currently are sitting in the top 5 after not being on the front page of Google at all. Very hopeful to see these rankings continue to increase and eventually claim the coveted number one spot.

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